About Us

The Crypto Climate Exchange

The Crypto Climate Exchange (CCX) is a marketplace solely dedicated to fully fungible smart tokens raising funds for counter climate-change projects and strategies.


We have three criteria for a token to launch on CCX:

1.The token must have a clear counter climate-change utility and story

2.The utility must be a proven technology or business process; and be delivered by an established company, or if a start up, in partnership with one

3.The token must have long term monetary value so it can offer a full, or partial, buy-back to their purchasers


CCX “Lift-off” Launch Factory

CCX offers project owners who fulfil the 3 criteria a fast-track launch process.

Our goal will be to get a token – from engagement – to launch – in 10 working days.


CCX will:

  • Advise and create a name and identity for the client’s smart token consistent with the delivery company’s brand
  • Write the ERC20 Smart token contract
  • Provide the web templates for the launch of the coin (and build the launch website for an additional fee)
  • Advise the client on, and for an additional fee prepare and write, the white paper
  • Co-ordinate social media channels
  • Market to our proprietary database of the top 700 crypto commentators as well as the wider climate finance community
  • Launch the coin on the CCX exchange: managing and carefully controlling the launch discount(s); as well as any future buy-back programs
  • Provide secure enterprise level wallet accounts through our partners



“Calling All Climate Project Owners!”

We welcome any project that can fulfil the three criteria – to get in touch with us to see if we can help you achieve your funding requirements.

Please contact us and we’ll get right back to you with a time for us to have an initial call.

You’ll deal with people not electronic forms.

Anything that counters climate change or has an environmental or sustainable goal will be considered.

Think about it – this could range from the obvious: solar, wind, hydro etc; to the less so – sustainable fashion; carbon capturing buildings; vertical farming…

Get in touch – lets get to work for the Earth.

The team

Crypto Climate Exchange

Keiron Allen


An experienced entrepreneur, Keiron was Marketing Director for NYSE Bluenext, at the time the largest environmental trading exchange in the world, and prior to that was a Marketing Director for Dresdner Kleinwort.

Ray Lovell


Ray is an experienced computer engineer, coder, and hacker. He was a UK “Green Deal Provider”, producing a total of 138,000 tons of carbon savings for the main UK energy suppliers.