A Introduction To The Crypto Climate Exchange

The Crypto Climate Exchange (CCX) is the world’s first exchange dedicated to funding faster climate action.


We’ve deployed the most agile and dynamic financial mechanism in the world today – the fully fungible smart token – to raise funds for climate projects and strategies that meet our three criteria.

For each launch, we hope to mobilise and marry the immense demand for altcoins with the much larger concern and interest for the long-term future of the planet.

That future is looking pretty grim right now unless we can speed up the number and scale of counter climate-change actions.

CCX hopes that the combination of the smart token, the demand for altcoin and the acute concern for the climate will put funds into the hands of the men and women best placed to execute effective action faster.


We’ve three principles we keep front of mind – Simplicity, Speed and Action.



Simple propositions that everyone can understand.

We’re big fans of the Cap-and-Trade system – it’s proved very effective first in the U.S. with Sulphur Dioxide and now with the European Emissions Trading System. But that’s at an inter-governmental level. Cap-and-trade and carbon instruments are complex and hard to understand for the lay person – which is at the heart of the current lack of political will to adopt it – despite their effectiveness. Unfortunately, the altcoins that have been developed with emission credits as a fundamental are hard to understand even for a seasoned carbon player…

CCX will only launch or have smart-tokens on the exchange with propositions that everyone can understand how the climate utility works – how it counters climate-change.



Let’s face the hard truth – we don’t have time to waste.

The founders of CCX can attest to the lack of speed when it comes to the existing funds available for climate action. Big numbers are claimed by politicians and fund owners – and we don’t doubt it. But getting the money into a project is a long, arduous, ever-twisting road.

It’s like a game of financial “Twister”: Right hand on red for matched funding (more approval and DD); Left foot to yellow under the shoulder on an insurance policy (more approval and DD); Right foot under bum for building type, geographic location, equipment origin etc etc… you get the picture. A tangled time-consuming web that rarely delivers and that businesses can rarely afford.

Launch ready project owners can expect a maximum timeline from engagement to launch of 10 business workdays when they’re in the CCX launch program. 10 days to first monies in the bank.


Action is everything. Action now.

This might go without saying but every launch will be chased up with what the results were of the climate action. Helps for good news, but also for the long-term value of the token.


Finally, a word on the level of financial demand.

CCX has a network of investors that has committed to supporting every single launch we bring to market.

Written by Keiron Allen